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Thread: roll bars

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    Default roll bars

    I build this roll bars for a c3 convertible corvettes, that fit in years 1968-1975 models.this are made out of aluminum sch 40, which I used my hossifeld bender #2,I also used my lincoln 300amps tig welder to weld my roll bar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erod View Post
    made out of aluminum sch 40,.
    I sure hope you only plan on using them yourself. Heaven forbid you sell one to someone, something happens, and the lawyers get involved.

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    pretty decorations

    like wearing silver ear rings instead of a full face helmet

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    You could also use PVC water pipe and paint it silver. Less cost and same outcome. Please don't take offence to the comments. Your welds look nice but the materials selected and geometry used are most unfortunate.
    There was company out in CA that was selling roll bar kits to the street tuner kids called "Monkey Bars". They might still be selling them. They sold two kinds of kits IIRC. One was made from plastic water pipe that the user cut and glued into the car then covered with roll bar foam to hide the fact that the bars were fake. The other was made from swing set or thin wall elec conduit type seamed junk that came pre painted ready to glue/screw to the car.
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    dem be called 'Show Bars"
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    I have to agree with all the previous posts except #1....I calzem as I seezem
    maybe they could be reinforced with balsa wood????????????
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