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    Default Bob's Lifted Wagon

    So, I got a wild hair the other night. I was looking at the kids Radio Flyer toy wagon... And I look over at this pile of ATV tires... back over at the wagon, back over to the tires again, look out at my lifted Superduty... look back at the wagon, and then over to the tires again... Pretty soon, I'm remembering this scraped out ATV in the junk pile...

    This project was 4 days, start to finish (paint and all).
    I Got the wild hair last Monday night that I could have this done for our car show this weekend. I start the mockup, and get with my paint shop buddy and tell him I'm gonna drop off some stuff on Friday morning that I need to have painted and back in hand by Friday night. SO I now have Monday night to Thursday night afterwork to get this designed and built and out to paint.

    All I know is that I wanted it lifted, atv tires, 4 wheel independent suspension and 4 wheel steering, and it had to be durable, I want kids to be able to play with it, and my rod buddies to give their kids rides, now and then. And have fun at car shows with it, to match my lifted truck.

    Anyway, here it is, start to finish, 4 days, after work in the garage.

    First picture, My F250 on 40's. Picture is kind of deceiving, for a daily driver truck, this thing is VERY big. Not freaky big, but BIG. It looks proportional in the pics, and you don't get a sense of size out of it.

    The wagon goes with THIS truck, so let's start with one pic of the truck, and get to the wagon build.
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