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    Default Solution...

    I usually go for the BIGGER hammer when things get tough...
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    Ummm... I am not *****ing about the money, I have my reasons for buying it the way that I did. How much I paid has nothing to do with this conversation so thanks for your concern . Just used welder for first time and it works great. I also must thank miller once again for giving me all .023 tips instead of the .030 for the wire that came with it... glad that I picked up some extra .03 tips at the store the other day. Oh and I did get the cart, and cover with the welder when I bought it... could have contributed to that higher price that I'm not worried about? (and I paid $875 for it sorry may have exaggerated a bit... was more intended toward the QT of the product.)

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    Hey, Ryan,

    I'll bet if you had read the operating instructions first, that latch would have popped right open.

    I'm with you... in that I expect a new purchase like that to at the very least allow me to use it, without getting locked out.
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    I did read the operating instructions, it I couldn't find anything on how to open the door? Maybe they figure if you don't know how to push a button then you best not be using the welder? lol

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    Glad to hear you finally got to weld with it, and it welds fine, I would have been bummed too.
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    That was a good deal then. .023 tips with .030 wire that is funny. Good thing you thought ahead. Got any pics of your welds you want to share with us. We love to help not criticize. The setting on the inside label are a great starting point. You can adjust the heat and speed so you get virtually no splatter. The SG100 is great gun to buy if you ever need to do Aluminum.

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    Ya I'll try and get some pic's. I really really like it a lot! I used both the auto set feature and the manual and both work very well . I have a question about welding sheet metal, it this possible without burning threw? I can make really nice tac welds on it but can't run a bead without blowing threw. Maybe I need a smaller wire? I also understand that most of the time you don't want to run a bead on sheet metal due to warpage, just sorta curious tho. Thanks!


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    Oh and I am going to get the SG100 for sure Going to be using this welder lots for auto restoration and doing metal art. I seam to hear good things about the Spool Gun. So it can make some pretty good looking welds on Aluminum then?

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    Default A fair price with the cart and cover

    8 years ago they were charging that much for a 4 tap machine with slightly less amps and an inferior drive (MM/Challenger 172) as the regulator had to be purchased also. Back then Airgas wanted about $850 out the door. You are lucky you have a rheostat for voltage control. It should really help you out on sheetmetal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schony View Post
    Some of you guy's are pretty ignorant I MUST say!!! ALL I was trying to say is that it's sorta bull **** to see this sort of Quality coming from a company that is supposed to be the best. Plastic latch or not whatever it's disappointing! (I had to disassemble the entire case first thing!) And just so you know I am a Master Certified Automotive technician and am VERY good with hand tools. I only work with the best Snap On, Mac, Matco, etc. and have been for years! I guess I just have high standards for the products that I buy, and if I didn't I guess that this wouldn't have bothered me so much. I told the guy's at work about it and they all agreed, that they would be upset about it to. I ended up taking the case of the welder and grinding about 1/8" off the plastic latch and it works fine now. Also called miller and they are sending me another latch. (even tho I think that the case is supposed to be notched for the latch with mine isn't LOL ) I haven't gotten the thing put back together quite yet but plan on doing so later this evening. IF ANYONE OF YOU GUY'S WENT THREW THIS AS I DID I AM SURE YOU WOULDN'T BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!! Maybe you all need to simmer down a little bit and put your "Miller Man" ego to the side and think about things from a different point of view?
    Schony, so sorry your feathers were ruffled. But . . . an ASE certified mechanic huh. Snap on tools, huh. Good you know how to use hand tools but it seems to me that your attitude and 'tempter control' seem to be lacking.

    If a snap-on ratchet came to you broke would you take it out on the company/company rep or should you be mad at the out-sourced materials that snap-on uses?

    I'm just glad your not working on my vehicle. If something broke as you were taking it off I'm afraid you'd blame me for the problem.

    You might be a great mechanic but your tolerance for errors, well . . . leave a lot to be desired. Even if your co-workers would be upset that's no reason(s) to have it against Miller. If everything was supposed to be perfect the first time around why, pray tell, are you an ASE certified mechanic? Is it that you know that car manufacturer employees make errors and that parts are not perfect? If you were perfect you'd probably be flippin' burgers!

    Your right we would most likely, be upset but not to the extent you are. Look Miller made it good and probably didn't even ask you to take it to a warranty station now did they?

    This is the last you'll hear from me on this thread. And I'm glad that you got things worked out. See how much aggravation could have been avoided? Calm down, take a deep breath, step back and start over.
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    The definition of courage. "It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through to the end no matter what." From "To Kill a Mockingbird"

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