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    Jun 2008

    Default LOL!!!! What a HORRIBLE first impression 180a mig!! How bout some QT?!?!

    So i've been saving for a mig for a few months now, I wanted something what was a known good product and something that would last me a LONG time! So I decided to buy a Miller 180 with auto set. Spend about $1000 on the machine, another $200 for the tank, and another $200ish for consumables clamps gloves etc... Get home today to do some welding and I can't even get the door open to put the wire in!!!! The latch is broken LOL!!!! I am so pissed WTF I can pop the latch from the front but I don't have anything long enough to do it with here at the house! I mean come on that's bull**** how about a little quality control??!!??!! Maybe I should take this thing back and get a off brand? Probably about the same quality control miller has! Sorry i'm sure it's going to be an o.k. machine but I spend $1500 sorta want the thing to be good to go out of the box... When I go to work tomorrow and people ask "so how do you like the new welder?" you better bet that I'm not going to have very many nice things to say to people.

    Ryan S.
    Fort Collins CO

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    Ok a latch is broke and you're going to piss and moan like that????
    How friggin shallow is that.

    Complain about it when it doesn't weld or wont power up but not when a simple latch is busted.
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    Ummm... Ya because right now it DOESN'T WELD OR WORK I can't even get to that point in the process.... Get the Point??!?!? Ohhhh Maybe I should just bend the door out and pry it open ahhh good idea i'll get right on that! You just buy a new car almost out of gas go to fill it up latch won't open fuel door.... It's just a simple latch guna be pissed? It sorta leaves you stuck doesn't it???

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    davie, fl


    the machine probly left the factory just fine. the latch was more than likely broken while it was being shipped. miller welders are the best machines on the planet and the $1500 you spent on your machine is nothing compared to the amount of money that can be made with that machine. miller also offers the best service in the industry. im sure if you called miller and told them of your situation they would be more than happy to make good on it. maybe you should go to harbour freight and buy one of their welders... it may be more you speed. in case you havent noticed, every one on this forum takes pride in their equipment and their work

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    I'm sure he'll simmer down once he runs a few beads with his new machine. Right now he's just a little worked up. It happens to us all from time to time.

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    Ya, I'm sorry wasn't really trying to bash the performance of this machine in any way, I know it's going to be great and am sure I will love it. It's just I got the machine 2 day's ago, got tank and metal yesterday, got mask clamps gloves and stuff today, was just REALLY excited to do some welding on my FJ40. Doesn't help when my buddies where over here giving me **** and getting me worked up either. Sure I can wait a few more day's. Sorry for the pissie topic didn't mean to offend anyone.


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    Vancouver BC Canada

    Default Dont feel bad

    Let me know when your going to go to get it replaced and we can both push our machine through the front doors... My Syncro 200 is ca ca too... ~sigh~
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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    Can you remove the Case? Seems like it has a couple screws holding it together.

    My little Plasma is like that- remove the screws and lift the case off with the carrying handle.
    Ed Conley
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    A couple of questions, first.

    Did you buy it at a LWS and carry it out, or was it shipped to you direct?

    If the former, truck it right on back and get a new one! It probably got broken at the LWS's shop.

    If the latter, it is probably not Miller Electric's fault.

    Either way, when the smoke clears, tell us what was up!

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    Good lord, it is a stuck little plastic latch., Pop it open with a butter knife and get a new latch if need be. Life has bumps. If your work mates are like mine when they ask how is the new welder and you say "The plastic door latch was stuck and I could not weld" they are going to laugh their a$$es off.
    Weekend wannab racer with some welders.

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