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Am i the only one who thinks that the NHRA is becoming a hack organization when it comes to safety? Erik Medlen, John Force, now Scott Kalitta. All avoidable accidents. Are they doing ANY testing? I would like to hear others opinions. I think they have been stuck in time as far as the nitro classes and safety are concerned. At 300+ MPH all the steel in the world isn't going to keep you alive if you decellerate fast enough. Why hasen't the NHRA been investigating 90's technology to insure driver safely? Something as simple as a remote ignition kill and remote parachute release could have saved Kalitta's life. Maybe a firewall? or an energy absorbing capsule? 330 MPH is well beyond the survivability limits of any human body without something to ease the decelleration.

What are your opinions?
Eric Medlens death was a freak deal, about a quarter of the slick came apart, so the tire/wheel was out of balance by at least 10lbs. When this happened the car lost traction, the engine spun the tires to 300+mph and he was shaken to death. They changed the roll cages. I think if the same tire failure happens again, you will have the same result.

John Forces wreck was due to hardened 4130 tubing being used in the chassis, when they are suppose to use 4130N. There were several chassis that cracked last year due to use of the same tubing. The other teams just got lucky and noticed the cracks.

Scott Kalittas death was after an engine EXPLOSION, the engine was not running. Ignition kill would not have changed anything. Scott did deploy the parachutes but they burned up and did not open. Remote parachute release won't change anything if they burn up. The car hit a pole for the catch net at the end of the track. There is no reason on GOD's green earth for a pole to be in any possible path of a car traveling at that speed.

I don't think the aircraft cable/tailhook idea works either. For one they don't always work on aircraft carriers, my understanding is something like 75%. Secondly if you decelerate too fast you die anyway. The current chassis would be ripped apart by such a device.

Sorry for the long post.