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Lookin at all u pics I wish I could go back and just relax in my chair welding adaptors on 10 yard pc1000 buckets......seemed like it was a day an adaptor.......why did you piece the blade together on that excavator blade? The owner didn't want to spend the money for a bent blade? Dave
Hi Dave, around these parts there is only a couple of places that are willing or able to press brake 1 offs of stuff like that in widths over 8 feet. Since the owner of the machine was most concerned with time involved, then budget, then function, and then aesthetics, I was able to save him a bit of money and time by using a couple of flat pieces for the blade. Having it formed would have looked nicer but would have cost more and taken a while until I had it to put together. Had he wanted it formed, it would have been fine by me, just would have cost a bit more.