Mostly I make rolling and swing gates and panels. Maybe two or three times a year we will make something with vines, leaves, etc.
Somebody asked about finding a lock box. Kings Metals sells several sizes, with no minimum order. I have noticed the boxes seem to be a gauge or two thinner then they used to be. Try looking up or asking them for a 13g or 14g thick box. Get one with flat faces as they are easier to work with. Some of the low profile boxes are bubbled out to give more room inside the lock box, but seem to be rather thin steel.
A pointer---Try using 16g 3/4" pickets instead of the common 18g 5/8"instead. The doors will be far more resistant to denting and there isn't much price difference on a small project.
Much Home Depot stuff uses 19g!!!!!!!!!! It gives ornamental iron guys a bad name.