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    oh, yeah, it does dimensioning automaticly, find centers points of lines, snaps to an axis, you can create a "part" then copy it and move the copy into position on the project repetedly......I was truely amazed how well it works for something free!! Heck, I've gotten more use out of this then I did the "home design" software I paid over 100 bucks for!

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    One thing I'll add about Sketchup is that I learned the most from typing "Google Sketchup" into Youtube and looking at the various videos. Since I haven't used CAD before I had trouble with basic thing like adding dimensions. Even typing "Sketchup adding dimensions" into Youtube got me a quick answer.

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    There is a free version of the software that I use for all my 3d cad needs. It's called Alibre Design Xpress.
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    Thanks Doc, Just what I needed!

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    Default Sketchup!

    Btw, I believe the pro edition of Sketchup will allow importing and exporting of other drawing formats. It's about $500, if I remember correctly. This, of course may have already changed.
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