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    Default It Will Only Take A Minute

    I Was Working As A Welding Technician At This Rail Car Manufacturing Plant Lots Of Production The Welding Engineer " My Boss" Gave Me This Meter He Made Up Asked Me To Tell Him How Much Actual Welding Our Best Welder Did In 8 Hours I Being Knowledgeable Lol Said 6 Hours ..he Said Try Again 6.5? Come On He Said 5? No How About 2.75?
    I Said Bull Xxxx He Said Try This Meter On Your Best Fastes Twelder I Did Without His Knowing Sure Enough Out Of 8 Hours This Man Only Actually Welded 2.75 Or So Hours And He Was A Production Welder Not A Fabricator Now It Will Take Time To Set Up And Prep And Fit Then The Welding Comes Along 5 Minutes? Yeah Right I Was A Fast Welder Fabricator When I Was A Fitter Welder Still Am But You Are Going To Pay Me For My Abilities Knowledge And Experience Also For Equipment And Overhead Pass This On

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    I like the neighbors/friends that are too cheap to even bring the thing to fix over or won't even bring some beer as pay.

    Based on how big the '5 minute' job is I'll usually say for them to bring the item and a 6/12/24 pack of beer (based on size of job). Amazing how many come up with an excuse on why it doesn't need to be welded all of a sudden.

    Or the guy from work (welding is a hobby to me) that expects me to load his crap in my truck in the parking lot, do all the shleping and work, including cutting to size, fab it up, weld it and bring the thing back to work and I don't even get lunch out of it.

    Then there are the few (1 in 10) true friends who will bring a case of beer no matter how small the job and then help you clean up and put everything away after you are done.

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    I told a friend I needed to make some extra money, since his other buddy hasn't paid for the car parts he bought from me(they always have an excuse). He told his sister he knows a great welder. Her trunk latch broke after someone flux core welded it. So I add new 16 ga plate to the 22 ga on the car to sure it up. I hand fab the plate(30 min easily). I had to hand pulse weld it to keep the heat down on the surrounding paint. After an hour and a half in 95 degree and high humidity she say," My brother didn't say it would cost anything, but hear is something for your hard work." $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I counted it after she left. A learning lesson for sure.

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