I Was Working As A Welding Technician At This Rail Car Manufacturing Plant Lots Of Production The Welding Engineer " My Boss" Gave Me This Meter He Made Up Asked Me To Tell Him How Much Actual Welding Our Best Welder Did In 8 Hours I Being Knowledgeable Lol Said 6 Hours ..he Said Try Again 6.5? Come On He Said 5? No How About 2.75?
I Said Bull Xxxx He Said Try This Meter On Your Best Fastes Twelder I Did Without His Knowing Sure Enough Out Of 8 Hours This Man Only Actually Welded 2.75 Or So Hours And He Was A Production Welder Not A Fabricator Now It Will Take Time To Set Up And Prep And Fit Then The Welding Comes Along 5 Minutes? Yeah Right I Was A Fast Welder Fabricator When I Was A Fitter Welder Still Am But You Are Going To Pay Me For My Abilities Knowledge And Experience Also For Equipment And Overhead Pass This On