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I thought I would bring this one back to the top. There are more ignorant people out there than we need.

I got a call this morning and the guy says the tongue broke on his trailer, he has the new piece, all I gotta do is weld it on for him. Shouldn't take you more than ten minutes he says, I ask him where it is and he tells me the trailer is in Hollywood Fl. about 2 to 2 1/2 hours drive each way. He lives up here near me and I asked him why he doesn't have someone down there do the work, he says they want 400.00 to do the job and thats too expensive. I asked him what he thought it would cost him for me to go and do the job, he says I don't know but 400.00 is out of line. I tell him what I would have to charge him for the 6 - 8 hrs. plus mileage and expenses, not to mention it is a holiday and he would be screwing up my plans for the day.

He then has the nerve to ask what it would cost if I rode down there with them using their vehicle, we could load all my equipment in his van cause he's got to go and get the trailer anyways. Did I mention I have never met this guy and wouldn't know him if he walked past me.

These are the pictures he e-mailed me for the 10 minute project. Dave
To fix that properly $400 is cheap!!!