“Well it’s just a small break, it just needs to be tacked back on, it should only take a few minutes…”

Does anyone get tired of hearing this?!? I’ve heard this same thing about 3 times this week from different people inquiring about me fixing their equipment.
Well sure, sometimes it turns out that it really only is a few minutes worth of welding but not after I spent 25 minutes to get there, 10 minutes to pull out all the cables and set up the equipment, 10 minutes of careful grinding and prep work, and of course at least 10 minutes to clean everything up! This is why I tell them from the beginning that there is a 1 hour minimum charge but they insist that it will only take a few minutes. That makes me wonder, aren’t you hiring me for a reason? Didn’t you seek me out because you wanted me to use my knowledge and experience to fix your problem?? So WHY are you telling me how to do my job?!

If you don’t want to pay for a quality repair job then find someone else with their HF 110v flux-cored wirefeeder and have them fix your tractor, but don’t waste my time…

...ok, i feel better now