shouldn't be too hard to find a Dyn200 to test drive. ask your dealer if he knows when the Miller trailer is going to be in town or if he has a rental Dyn200 you could run a little.
now if we could just run down an answer to the question of is the rumor of a Dyn250 coming out soon true or false ???? i suspect we will only find that out if and when it shows up on a dealers show room floor. a Dyn250 would make a lot of people happy, but could really tick off a new 200 buyer to find one at the dealer a week after buying a 200.

i have an inverter and have to say the ability to dial in the arc is a big + no question about it. my choice to go inverter was more based on the impute power requirements though. a 30 amp service VS a 60 amp made it a must.