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    in the adult-ed night course on welding that i took i made
    a bunch of nameplates
    - took a 2x5 piece of 12ga (i think...) and welded (mig)
    a name into it,
    - welded that piece to another, making an inverted T,
    with the name on the vertical piece
    and gave 'em out as christmas presents to those that
    would enjoy 'em. (i even gave one to my boss, who let
    me bug out of work an hour or two early to take the course :-)

    the really good part was that it was a project where
    neatness, technique, wire-speed, etc, etc, all really

    it probably gave me a whole lot better feel
    for how to mig than running random beads on
    coupons or joining two pieces of scrap together.

    it was a great project

    just don't let the kids get frustrated -- it can be hard to
    write when you can barely see what you're doing.


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    Now I am 14 years old. I started when I was 12. I first started with a plasma cutter and a spot welder. I made all sorts of little sheet-metal dragons and stuff like that
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    Where do you live? I ask because as a high school shop teacher, a popular no-to-low cost beginners' project for my students was a mud scraper-the sort that is shoved into the ground at a handy location. Anyone who lives around mud, seasonal mud or who is an avid gardener appreciates boot/shoe scrapers. A piece of scrap plate with a couple of pipe scraps or bar stock scraps welded to each end to stick into the ground gives practice with fillet welds, and then it can be personalized with the farm/ranch/family name shown on the plate with practice beads. Some kids put their street address on it and displayed it in front. A variation was to bend the pipe or barstock into a loop over the top so the scraper could be easily moved from location to location. My experience is that kids love to write things with weld beads, and it sure beats the monotonous plates full of practice beads I remember doing. I admit hey did have their purpose, but if you are dealing with brand new welders, chances are they want to MAKE SOMETHING and not just turn in an assignment. Good Luck, Mark

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    Default Youngsters projects

    we just finished a camp for under 16 yr olds. 1 week, will be 2 weeks next yr. We started them doing overlays on a 2.375 diameter pipe about 4 inches long. Do the overlays longetudnally not around the pipe. Cut the guys some caps to weld on both ends and have them weld a spiral on the faces. The finished product looks like a miniature fire log! We the cut a small double blade ax in a cnc plaz to weld on the side to look like ut had been plased during chopping. Also we had Solidworks help sponsor the camp. The students all recieved a free copy of Solidworks.

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    Default Kids Projects

    I'm an instrictor at SAIT polytechnic, and right now I am teaching kids Camps for welding. What we do for the camps is trace and cut out old bc bones model kits, then we give them to the kids to weld together. I do all the cutting, but the kids get to make and put together a really cool dinosaur model. Might be worth looking into using other model kits. These are the kind of kits we use:

    The camp is called Weld-a-Saurus.

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