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    sorry i forgott where i was suposed to post it.
    i made this for holding little to med. sized stuff in place when TIGing and or using aluminum where the magnet wont do the trick.
    its just some left over stuff put togather with a few screws and home made butterfly nuts with a old battery charger clamp to hang on.
    its realy a verry simple design. i use a flat pice 1"X3" to start off to alow me to place it on a magnet thats stuck to the table if using aluminum. i also have a smll aluminum starter pice that can be clamped to the aluminum but have recently found some blue dip in rubber coating to add to my starter pice so it will work for both ataching to the magnet or clamping to aluminum where you dont want steel clamped to it. this way it wont marr the aluminum.
    from that made a few diferent lingth 1/8" wire extentions to reach out to diferent distances and be able to bend the wire as needed if needed. add a few ofset atachments to alow you to ajust up, down, left, right , as needed then atach the battery clamp to hold the part. you can use as many or as few pices as needed per the job in question and modify it as needed to suit the job at hand weather it be aluminum or steel, weather you magnet to the work or to the table and reach out to the work, or just magnet to the work wherever its needed but still far enough back to not interfear with the TIG can also hold a 1/8" tab in the center of a 1" wide serface or even wider if needed where a clamp just wont do it.
    its not the most beutifull thing in the world but it gets the job done and i had the extra 1" flat bar handy. i supose there could be some better options but its what i had and i only had to buy some nut's, bolts, and washers at $1.78 a pound from TSC. less than 1 lbs. i had the battery clamp handy from a 12V pump that i wired direct. i supose you could buy the clamp seperate or if you had a 1" C-clamp you could use it also, but the smallest C-clamp i have is 4"
    so on to the pic's

    H.H.003 is with the aluminum starter clamped to aluminum and reaching out to the tab to be welded in the center of the 1" square tube.

    H.H.004 is with it atached to a magnet thats atached to my work table and again reaching out to center the tab, this time its held up on the side just to show versitility should you not be able to flip the part so the tab is on the bottem.

    H.H.009 is steel with the magnet on the side just incase you cant put it on the top serface for any reason ??? could be other parts there or maybe the way its installed in the car(like a role cage maybe) and you have to be far enough away to not have the magnet interfear with the TIG arc.

    H.H.011 is just a pic of the vereious parts used. the blue one is the one coverd in the rubber dip for tool handles. its not being used at the moment because i just found the rubber Dip stuff and its still not dry compleatly yet. but it will eventualy replace the small aluminum pice as i will be able to clamp it to the aluminum if needed without maring the serface.

    as you may or may not be able to tell from the pic. all the bolts are welded into place so you only have to use the butterfly nut to tighten so you can hold it in place with one hand and tighten with the other as the bolt wont turn wile trying to snug ut up to hold its position.
    granet its got its limitations. parts need to be fairly small about 4"X4" would probly be its max depending on the wait and shape. but if its bigger than that you would be able to use the magnet on one end wile tacking the other end so it wopuld not be needed any way right.
    shouldent take more than about an Hr. to throw togather enough pices to have a verry usefull holder and it can be added to as needed for the project. if the tab has a hole in it yu could skip the clamp and just bolt it right to the end of the tool till its TIGed or tacked.
    it may well not work in all situations but with a few swivel pices and a bend if needed you should be able to hold most small stuff right where you need it.

    hope this is of some help even though its not high teck. or computer controled with voice comand.
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    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
    summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.

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