I will definitely share my progress as time goes on!

Bob, like I said before, we are on the same wavelength

I've got a local wine shop that has a couple of locations carrying a few racks. I haven't really gone out to sell the stuff to shops too much, but that could definitely happen in the future. I like the idea of putting together a pamphlet of what I can do and sending it out to local wine shops and wineries, as we have a pretty nice wine industry a couple hours away up in Traverse City. The personalized plate idea is a good one!

I've had a few friends bug me to get my bikes into the local harley dealers, and I may do that sometime too. Right now I'm selling them pretty well through my site, and through my site I get close to 100% of the profits Going through dealers/stores I'd get 60-75%. Obviously I could make up for that in volume, but I'm not really into volume yet! I make every single bike different, I name and number each one, and I think that's part of the appeal. That's where me trying "making choices in how I do things" that I mentioned in the last post comes in. I'd like to carve out a niche doing everything one off, and I think I'm off to a decent start. We will see how I maintain!

Mooseman and Muskt, thanks for checking the site out