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    Default Best tig torches for chassis work

    I am looking to buy a new tig torch for chassis work. I have been using a CS310 for years, since I could be welding 1/16" SS one minute and 1/4" aluminum the next. I have always found it to cumbersome for doing chassis work but just put up with it. After working on a rollcage all day today I have had enough. I'm not sure if I should go for the smallest watercooled or will an aircooled be adequate?

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    My vote would be for a water cooled torch. I have used both and water cooled is smaller and cooler, generally more maneuverable (the cables/tubes are more flexible). Unless you need really small I would think a #20 like a Weldcraft WP-20 would fit the bill perfectly.


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    My favorite for doing my chassis work is the Weldcraft WP 225. It is a 250Amp flex torch and has different heads that you can set up for different work that interchange right on the torch body. I use 4 main heads. The #9 70deg, #9 90deg, the #24 and the 1726 for heavy work like your 1/4". The 1724 and the 9 70deg are included with the torch purchase.

    Good luck!


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    is it water cooled?
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    It would be nice if I could get away with air cooled, for the weight.

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    Water cooled are as a rule, lighter than air cooled....
    compare the CS310 body at 3 oz
    vs. the CS300 (air cooled) body at 10 oz

    The WP-225 mentioned is water cooled:

    Weldcraft® WP-225 (formerly SF-225) TIG Torch Specifications

    Amperage: 225 DCSP maximum, 100% duty cycle
    Water-cooled body: 180º body with interchangeable heads
    Electrode capacity: .020" (.5mm) -- 5/32" (4.0mm) varies by head type
    Torch body weight: 4 oz. (113.4g)
    Torch length: varies by head type
    Handle diameter: 3/4" (19.0mm)
    Water flow: 1qt./min. (0.946 L/min.)
    Maximum pressure: 50 psi (3.448 BAR)

    The WP-20 is probably the most popular water cooled TIG torch but the 225 offers a lot of flexibility.
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    Default tig torchers

    I have a number of torches
    3 air cooled and a water cooled
    the Miller Diamond back is a 250 amp torch and very flexible.
    I have a tiger water cooler.
    trailblazer 280 nt with 3000 hrs and running strong
    today I bought a new trailblazer 302
    and a new s-32p

    dynasty 200 dx
    maxstar 140
    XR pushpull
    spectum 500
    cutmaster 50

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