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For me the top extensions are too short. Looks to be only 3-4" max. I actually put lumber on my racks and that's only 2-3 2x's stacked. Nit picking I know.

Looks very nice BTW. Does it fit in an acceptable size box for UPS or FedEx shipping? I forget the max sizes they accept. You may be able to make the design a breakdown design if the horizontal bar could slide down over the vertical supports and get secured with a bolt. Just a thought for decreasing shipping costs and box costs. I would also think about powercoating the frame as suggested above.
The height of the top is a bit of a compromise between looks and functionality. It still works good in my opinion but for just a work truck for a contractor, a little taller would probably be better.
As far as shipping goes, it just fall under the 130" max (length+girth) for UPS. I wouldn't buy it If I lived across the country though; the shipping is not cheap. A short hop across states might be worth it if this is just what the customer is looking for.

EDIT: I guess I should have done multi-quotes...