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    Default New Truck Rack design

    I just finished this new rack design for late model Chevy's and eventually other trucks. I kept the design simple and somewhat lightweight so that it can ship UPS. (I'm going to try and start selling these but that's not why i'm posting it here)
    The rack mounts to the front stake pockets in the bed by a simple plate with a nut welded on the backside that sandwiches the edges of the stake pockets between it and the rack. It is surprisingly strong and means no drilling.
    Paint is done by the advice of Dabar; rustoleum rusty metal primer and gloss black thinned 20% or so and applied with an HVLP spraygun. Worked great, thanks Dabar!

    If there's any obvious design flaws, point them out! (no screen is not one of them..that's intentional)
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