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    Your ability to see in your mind and translate it into physical reproduction is amazing. In the distant past I did some small sculpture and seem to have "lost the vision".\

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    Talking Sculptress in Metal

    Quote Originally Posted by weldress View Post
    I am a professional sculptor in welded steel, much enjoying my new Miller MIG.
    I am currently working on a lifesize Muskox. I made a small one first to get all the proportions and pose worked out and now I am building the big one(5 feet at the shoulder) I am using 1/8th inch Corten steel plate, cutting with a plasma cutter. I have met a few women in my field. Maybe there are more out there.
    HI Weldress,
    Female artiste here, works in metal. Stainless steel, bronze, and mild steel. I am shopping for a MIG upgrade from my millermatic 175, Seriously interested in the 252.
    I make a lot of gates lately. I also make shaped metal figures of horses, people and plants. I use various industry methods.

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    near rochester NY

    Smile good to have you with us

    welcome Tania .
    just wondering what you are using that is thick enough to warrant a MM252 ?? a MM212 might be a better fit. not trying to discourage, just wondering if you are underestimating the MM212. although i suppose if the $ is not a problem, having a lil extra cant hurt.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
    summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.

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    Default Great Pieces

    I just love your work. Similar to an artist up in Montana that creates the wildlife out of rusted log chain. Been many years so I don't recall the name. Many of the Montana Banks have his work displayed in the front. Lot of Elk and Bison. Banks are good outlets for work such as yours.

    I'm into shelf size pieces, but would like to try my hand at something bigger. The horses in the 3rd reference below were created by constructing a literal skeleton. I then welded small pieces of 22 ga. sheet metal onto the structure.

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    Weldress, I have to say, wow. Just .... wow. I can't even begin to get my head around how many different assorted pieces are on your sculptures, let alone the time it took to cut and weld everything - it's already giving me a headache! I only wish that someday, I can become as talented as you. I don't care if you're male or female - now THAT'S art.

    Of course, everyone on here knows Cal Kane and her "steel lace" artwork - kind of hard to forget something like that! There is another female weldor named Dixie Jewett who has created a pair of magnificent larger-than-life-sized horses. "Drifter" was created out of common items: license plates, car rims, pitchforks, rebar, and whatever else she could get her hands on. The other horse, "Stormy Bay," was created more realistically, but no less interestingly. Both horses are parked outside the Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona (and I got pictures of 'em up close and personal!)

    (Oh yeah, both of them are for sale - each one will cost you a cool $ 58,000. Yup, I asked ....)

    Vehicular Art:

    A little while back, someone had mentioned "Autohenge." Well actually, it's called Carhenge, and is an exact replica of the famous Stonehenge in England, but built with old American cars instead of stone blocks. Here's the address and official website:

    2151 County Road 59
    Alliance, NE 69301
    (308) 762-3569

    (And to be fair, Stonehenge:

    As for the other car sculpture in Amarillo, TX, that one is known as the "Cadillac Ranch," which consists of ten old Cadillacs from 1940's vintage to 1970's buried up to the windshields in the ground.
    (By the way, that Roadside America site is pretty cool - give it a look!)

    And of course there's the famous (now defunct) "Spindle", which featured several vehicles impaled upon a huge spike in a parking lot. The Spindle had a cameo in the movie "Wayne's World." (Sadly, The Spindle is no more - after a failed sale on eBay, the artwork was toppled in May 2008 to make room for a Walgreen's.)

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    Default Female Welders

    Links on the page are quite cool, Nice to see were still around.
    Anny good tips on detailed metal art? I have been looking at work work lately, he seems to have some good stuff.
    Any tips && tricks?

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    Default Memphis Metal Arts Museum

    If any of you interested in metal art are ever near Memphis, TN, you would enjoy visiting the museum located bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

    For whatever reason, this is a little known place. I grew up across the river from Memphis and thought I knew the town like the back of my hand but I did not learn of the museum until 4 or 5 years ago. It has been in operation for +/- 50 years.

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    I ran a fab shop for 24 years and the guys in the shop always enjoyed reminding me about where I learned to weld.
    From my wife!
    She had instruction in college and passed that on to me when I got my first buzz box many years back by giving me instruction.
    But professional female welders? I have seen a few in my time but not many.
    There were a lot of them working in the shipyards in WWII though!
    Dynasty 200 DX_set up on 3 phase
    Coolmate 3
    MM 251 w/ Spoolmatic 30A
    HTP 625 Micro Cut Plasma Cutter
    Victor O/A Rig
    Bridgeport Mill_3 phase (w/ Acu-Rite 4 axis DRO)
    10 inch South Bend Lathe_3 phase
    Baldor Double Cup Tool Grinder_3 phase
    Baldor 10 inch Buffer
    Rockwell 12 inch Disc Sander
    Cyclone 2ft X 3ft Bead Blast Cabinet
    Quincy 325 2stg- Air Compressor_3 phase
    Graymills Built-in Parts Washer
    Rockwell/Delta Planer, HD Shaper, Uni-Saw etc.

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