The system ate my first post, so I'll try again...

I recently picked up a Slugger dry cut chop saw. I have not used it enough to comment on the cost per cut data, but can give my initial impression on its cutting abilities. Slugger sells blades optimized for SS, mild steel, and aluminum. I purchased the mild and SS blades. The blades are costly, but may outlast carborundum, and will not lose cutting capacity as it wears. The saw cuts very clean and square, leaving a thin very sharp burr which is easy to remove. The shavings are very sharp also, so care is exersised when cleaning up! It cuts thin walled tubing very well up to .25" wall. On thick sections it is less than happy requiring slow feed pressure. I cut some 3" X 3" X 1/4 wall tubes for a fab table with good speed and nice square ends. If I were cutting 1/2" I would go to the bandsaw. Noise is about equal to carborundum, so hearing protection is a good idea. I don't miss the smell of carborundum in the morning either! Time will tell if dry saws are cost effective.