I would like to get some advice with regards into helping my friend's shop.

My friend who runs a shop does automotive modifying work like turbocharging and exhaust stuff. He uses just a rigid abrasive chop saw and a bench grinder with a wire wheel and a stone wheel.

I mentioned to him about the dry cut saw and told him that I would research on it first and if its a good investment he might get one. With exhaust works and turbo, he uses SS304 or 316 tube/pipe, and mild steel, they range from a 2" diameter to a 4" diameter. He either tigs or migs the pipe/tubing together.

When Tigging pipe/tubing, these are his steps (doing exhaust/turbo work)

1. Cut the tubing
2. Deburr the pipe using a bench grinder stone wheel
3. Clean the edges of the tube with wire wheel on bench grinder
4. Using a sander, sand the tube so its flat
5. Clean again using a wire wheel
6. Then tig it connecting to the other pipe

Sometimes he does some of the steps twice just to make sure its flat and burr free.

It is very time consuming for them to be doing this and with those time that was used, it could have been used on another part of the car (be more efficient).

I guess my question is mainly, what would be the best tool to use in cutting Stainless Steel pipe/tubing for exhaust/turbo work? That of course would greatly minimize the burrs? In order to just basically cut, quickly clean, and weld?

Thank you in advance for any help!!!

Greatly Appreciated