Well I'm a NEWBIE to this forum.
I've dealt with welders & repair co's long enough and I have found that with small jobs are almost impossible to find anyone willing to do them (affordably)

I have sufficient info on the processes and know that I need Tig & Mig

I am in both the bakery business and the restaurant equipment business.
So I need Mig for stainless repair (such as brackets on sinks) and Tig to repair the multitude of aluminum bakery racks with sub-standard weldiments or engineering that cause these weld failures (the whole bunch are basically a P.I.T.A. and are quite delicate at around 1/16-1/8 thick angle runners or
3/4" square tubing.

How important would a pulser be to this type of A/C Tig welding, necessary or not?

Would the econo tig be sufficient?

I also have seen the Hobart line by Miller and wondered how good are they against the Miller main line?

With tig welding how improtant is air-cooled guns vs. liquid cooled, and which is more effective at coolong and for what length of working time?

My work shop has 120, 208 & 240 volt 1ph and ample circuits to handle one welder of any of these voltages.

As far as mig, I could buy many of the smaller welders such as some I've seen at Northern tool (I'm not stupid enough to buy this type of equipment from Harbor F) that can do up to 3/16, but I don't know if later on I will need a larger capacity up to possibly 5/16-3/8".

And since I work with stainless quite a bit, I might need a plasma cutter, because cutting holes in 316 SS ain't a picknick and at one holesaw per hole could be pricy (not as pricy as a plasma though) and I would presume plasma would be quicker less the set up time.

What ever units recommended would be appreciated and although I don't want to use the "L" word here...how does miller stand up to its competition and all of the hype of lower current draw against Miller with a excellent transformer and who has the better warranty and will I ever use that warranty? I also know of Esab and Invertec and know Esab doesn't have as affordable units as Miller & "L", but what about Invertec and body have experience with them or are all you guys die-hard Miller fans.

Feed back and advice gladly accepted.


Howard A.