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Thread: More SS Pipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris***@sbcglo View Post
    Cleaver, I would measure up for a new blade and ask your supplier for a recommended tooth configuration for stainless. Generally, it'll be the same tpi, you would just run the rpms a little slower.

    Man, I didn't realize you already had some equipment... get on it! I thought you were a sUperfreshy.

    I'll go follow this on your new post.

    I posted a new post with regards to cutting stainless steel and it is actually to helpout my friend who runs a shop. However, I myself is considering on buying a cold cut saw too.

    Oh, just a question with regards to bandsaws...can shops/companies make specific size blades? Or are there standard ones?

    Will see what happends with my money savings

    thank you.
    newbi welder

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    There should be outfits/suplliers in your area who will make a blade to fit your machine. They take it off of a roll, cut it, and weld it to size. Many larger bandsaws come equipped with blade welders. I have welded my own blades in a pinch, but have found it easier just to purchase them from the suplier... always keep a spare. I have a number of bandsaws in my studio and they all have cut their share of material. Blades get tired and are consumables just like abrasives, etc.

    Cold saws are nice, and had I understood your situation better, I may have recommended one for your appication. It might be a larger sized cold-saw to handle the 4" O.D. tubing. I like cold-saws, but have gotten by for years and years without one. I was always planning on getting one, but now it just seems like another machine to take up space in my shop.

    Good luck.

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