I have a TD Cutmaster 51. You can definitely tell when you forget to dial the power down on thin materials, i.e., wide sloppy cuts. The power range on this machine will let you cut precise thin cuts on very thin material and genuine cuts up to 1/2 inch. It will rough cut up to 3/4 inch mild steel. Check out their website for more specs.

My Bobcat 250NT will power this machine in the field or a 220V/50A circuit in the shop will handle it easily. Power available was the limiting factor for me.

I like the TD's better than the Miller plasma cutters. I guess it is the same with all plasma cutters but you really must keep your air source clean and dry to get the best cuts. TD make a great filter that fits on the back of the machine and I run another water filter/separator on the wall end of the air supply. Make sure you never use a pneumatic hose that has been used with and oiler.

This setup has worked well for me.