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Thread: new guy

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    Default new guy

    hey everyone,
    i just wanted to know everyones opinion on this. I'm going to school for welding at TSTC in waco. I heard its a good school to start out at. I'm taking the one year for the certificate. after that I have the choice to take another semester of advanced pipe welding, or just go and get out there and work. I've been thinking about chasing a pipe line, getting a rig and seeing where that takes me. I have nothing holding me down here in texas. All I have here is my family. so I wanted to ask yall what should I do. Go and work after this year, or take the advanced and get the experience. should I chase that pipe line or do something else. I want to make that money while I can and then settle down. what do yall think about all of this?
    thanks a bunch

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    I would just go and work after the first year.

    You shouldn't have any trouble landing a good job with a year of training and a certificate.
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    yeah I hear that!

    if nothing's holding ya back then invest a year in to training like krackle said.

    certifications may not get you an Ideal job even tho thats why you get the damm things. but they sure do make it easier to get a job.

    one thing's for sure tho, A year will go by PDQ

    good luck!
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    get the added training out of the way.. then look for a job with better credentials on your resume.

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