I built this in front of my garage, as you can see in some of the pics the concrete. I live in San Diego county, which is pretty well populated. But, oh well, dream it, weld it!!! Right?
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Build it from scratch and weld it up myself like you did no. Just don't have the facilities to build it and move it around. Thought about it though.

I did spend quite a bit of time designing this one and had it custom built for me. Spent almost 2 years deciding how I wanted it built.



rear open.jpg

rear view.jpg

Modifications from a standard body. Started off as one of their crane bodies as far as a partial basic door layout and deleted out the extra reinforcing for the crane tower. Extra reinforcing on the side walls so I could mount D rings where needed. Had the boxes raised to 5', the max height they could and narrowed the boxes to widen the bed to 60" minimum. Had the front compartment split into 2 sections with double doors on the 2nd compartment. Also flipped to layout so the single door was 1st so if I add the aux fuel tank I can go thru the single box for the pump hoses. The box over the wheels has split adj shelves added. Wanted the double door config over the wheels.

Had the top raised to give me a minimum of 60" vert height inside so I can stand up 4X8 sheets. Had the pipe doors added to the upper shelves so I can store long 10' lengths of pipe. Don't find them as useful as the ones in the old truck but they were not that much extra so figured it couldn't hurt. Roof is a 3 piece sliding design so I can access the roof rack that I am working on now, and let me have large stuff stick out the top like doors and such.

Had the doors over tailgate done because I hate the limited vis out the back and wanted the option to remove the doors if I found them too much of a PITA. The tailgate lets me have large 12' sheets stick out and still keep the back closed up.

Thought about a possum door under the tail gate for a ramp but it became too much of a pain to get them to make the changes I wanted so I went with out it. I plan on most likely cutting one in now that I have the truck and a ramp to try and store. There's more room under the floor than I was lead to believe so that is almost a given at this point. I also plan on using the space between the frame and boxes to add extra batteries for the inverter eventually when funds become available.

I thought about a sweet work bumper that the offered with storage, but it made the truck to long for my purposes. The front pass box is getting tank bottle mounts and there is a set in the bed that I can use. Roof will cover a 282 cf bottle.

There's a few more mods that will likely be done this winter if funds are available and work is slow. There are a few minor things I might have done different to the body but overall I'm happy with it. The mileage the cab and chassis get sucks however. I just wished it had not taken as long to get the body built as it meant I ended up with the new 08 Ford rather than the 07 without all the emissions BS on it.