What are you running for the inverter? I have been looking at the 3000W/6000W Vectors for my new truck. Really want something that I can direct wire the outlets for as opposed to something that has direct plugs. How much power can you get from yours and do you have extra batteries for it? I'll take any info or suggestions that you might have on a inverter system.

BTW I'll post some pict of my custom truck. Other than the sliding roof it looks somewhat similar to what you built with out the under floor storage. I opted out on that and wish I hadn't. Alum Ladder rack is in the works right now if i can get a few days of decent weather to work.

rear view.jpg
rear open.jpg

I keep looking at the posibility of undermounting some air storage tanks but don't need that much mobile air very frequently. I should be able to run the small comp or my gas comp if I need to or use my big HP air bottles if I had no other choice.