I have an upcoming project which is like normal ,the customer needed it yesterday, short on time on my end . I will be building "floatable screens", which are used on outflow structures on detention ponds to catch debris etc. I have to build 18 screens apoximately 4 ft x 16 ft, 2x3x1/4 angle iron frames, 2.5x2.5 x 1/4 angle supports every 2 ft running crossways,2x1/4 flat bar on edge 2/3/4" apart inside the frame welded to the support angles. I have a miller 210, perfect for this project,to speed up production with an extra man helping,I was thinking about a wire feed to run off my 302, but $1700, at the lws is gonna cut pretty deep into my profit. So i am thinking about using stick to help out with the welding. Need to know which rod is best as for speed and look as good as a wire weld,and you do not have to spend a lot of time knocking the flux off,as per these screens will be hot-dipped galvanized after I finish and the galvanizing plant will not take any items with flux on the welds.