I am new at mig welding. My latest problem is that the .035 fluxcore mig wire will not go through the Miller .035 tips --- they will bind up !
I am using Blueshield LA T-14 and Unifil 2 , E71T-GS fluxcore .035 welding wire , and have Miller .035 tips. Have shown the problem to my welding store staff but have not received a answer for that problem.The Miller rep for my area tells me that I should be using a larger size tip for welding with fluxcore wire. I should use maybe .045 tips for .035 fluxcore wire. When I first bought that MM 175 , I used a roll of .035 fluxcore wire with .035 tip , and did not seem to have the problem I have now .Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong , or if there is a size change for different welding wire or maybe tips ? Maybe a different size in wire diameter for different wire brands ?
Woud appreciate your assistance with this problem -- it has me stumped !