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You must really like spending money, Eastwood is very high on most of their prices. Their powder is ridiculously over priced and most other products are too.
yes and no, I have had very good experience with there products, I will usually look around and see if i cant find a cheaper product and try that. sometimes its just as good for less money and sometimes its not as good.

its like any other business, since the customer is paying for it, and if they are spending 300 dollars is it worth it to save them $10 difference on the paint to have it not as nice or not last long? it might work out fine but I test the other companys on my own stuff first.

Like many others you have about 5 vendors you work with to get the stuff you need. I am not saying buy everything from them, but i do like there powders and preclean.

I have a powder painting buddy that also uses columbia powder and seems to happy with it so far. it can be half the price of eastwood.

I am not saying eastwood is the best by any means. I only use them for powder stuff, I use oriley for there auto master paint and additives, john deere for a lot of the paint as well. most things i liquid paint are tractors or farm equipment. I just repaint them like my cousin repaints a restored muscle car for show!! when that tractor or chopper goes across the field I want it to sparkle!!! not many people going to a 2000+ grit wet sand finish with buff to polish on a tractor! 99% of the repaints done on the farm and dealerships are done with rattle cans.