Hello everyone, I am new to this message board and welding. I have been reading some of the info on here and it is very informative. I want to buy my first mig welder and am currently looking at the mm210 with the spoolmate 3035. From what I have read on here it sounds like a great machine. I do have a few questions about it and its suitability for my use:
1. I am using it in my shop at home (240 volt/100 amp service) on an ocasional basis and plan to weld steel not more then 3/8" at most and would like to be able to weld aluminum as well, no more than 1/4", is the mm210 a good machine for this?
2. Should I be worried that it does not have infinate voltage control? Will the seven tap settings make this harder to use?
3. I was thinking about the mm180 with the spoolmate but I am now thinking that it might be too light for the aluminum, any opinions?
4. I seen someone mention on here that the MM212 will be out soon, will this machine be better? should I wait to get that one or buy the 210 now?
5. Anything else I should be concerned about?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.