well this is exactly it, This is what eats me up the most about the rip off prices with diesel. By rights It should be a at least third less than gasoline. That's until the greedy opportunist petrol company ' as you rightly say' saw the rise in diesel vehicles.

As always the governments wont do squat all about it as the more it costs us the more they get for their coffers.

It all stinks in my book. Greed is one of the prime evils in my book and destroys everyday normal people. It creates a vicious circle. One person's greed for something has to be paid for, Which in turn makes the person paying having to make up their money so greed escalates.


Glad to say i had my first 200 litres of bio diesel arrive today. Not a huge saving but if it stops the greed monsters getting richer, That's good in my book.