[QUOTE=Bodybagger;148214]The album covers for Megadeth always had this cool
evil looking guy on them, pretty visible on the cover
of "Rust in Peace."

One day, I will make a helmet that
looks exactly like his face.

Well, bodybagger, you're in Luck! We actually have a new helmet design coming out today called "Lucky's Speed Shop"! It is black, with skulls, flying eyeballs and cobwebs. I think we should've released it on Halloween, but... It will be live (or dead, depending on how you look at it) probably this afternoon. Here's the link to check it out! http://www.millerwelds.com/products/...mets/elite.php

Also, on the subject of helmets, the president of "Sick ******* Choppers Inc." sent me the attached photo below just yesterday. He said, "I sent my fabricator to the welding supplier and he came back with your helmet. Almost identical to my paint? What a coincidence."

Pretty cool!