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    Default firewalls

    After thinking about this one for a while, I'm guessing when they are talking about fire walls they are talking about the bottle storage areas. My insurance company requires that I store the flammable gases in a different area from the other welding gases and all bottles must be stored in a rack or chained to the wall. I don't really think they are talking about the set on a torch cart or on the back of a truck in transit. Dave
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    well as i understand it, it is all the time, but then again it isn't. they say if the bottles are in use, you do not have to have the firewall or sepereate the bottles by 20'. BUT when you stop using them the clock starts ticking and if not used again within a 24 hour period, you must install a firewall or seperate the bottles by 20'. OK who's to say i used them in that time line, and what if i use it in 25 hours.... where is the guy with the stop watch that is going to watch my bottles to see when they were used, and not ?
    just ain't happening....
    they don't have enough people to do that... so once again another donut eating OSHA meeting to make a new rule, when down in flames. why do they create things they can't control ? just trying to make it hard on us ? Oh well guess i will be wrong for a while anyway.

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