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    Default air

    I have only actually seen one scuba tank set up and the main thing I remember was the lube and bank of tanks as you mentioned.

    I guess the point is that it seems it would take some relatively HP storage to make the air driven motor very practical.


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    I can't believe it took 35 posts to get this answer to the thread starters question

    it didn't, i mentioned there was a comp. producing air powered cars in post #19. i just didn't bother to post a link to them.
    lots of ideas to work with, but it still comes down to the all mighty $$$ over every thing else.
    i cant afford a solar system or even a wind turbine power system for my house even with its low watt usage.
    as for a alternative fuel car, well thats not likely to reach my price range for many years. i like the idea of converting to run of hydrogen, but how do i produce it ?? many web sites claim to have the answer for $45 and up, but not many of that type site ever give you more than the run around or wishful thinking. nether of witch i can afford to waist $50 on.
    a suitable solution needs to be mass produced to be affordable, then it can be popular. there are some hydrogen fueling stations now, but most are for fleet car's/trucks. a god start. a company in Sweden i think it is has a hydrogen production station about the size of a soda machine that can be hooked to city water at any location to fill car's. but it still needs to be powered. if GM or any of the big car guys wanted to produce hydrogen car's a good venture would be hook up with shell oil to place these hydrogen machines in all there stations. this would both ashore a supply of hydrogen every where for car byers to be willing to buy the hydrogen car, making the car comp. happy as well as keep the shell oil people happy as they will again be getting our $$$ at the pumps. keeping both big business's happy would be a win situation that might allow the idea to get off the ground without aether one holding back scared of lost $$$.
    right now GM cant sell hydrogen car's because no one will buy a car he cant will up anywhere. so producing one is a losing investment. get shell involved ( or bill gates for that matter) and and invest the $$ for filling stations and production becomes profitable.
    compressed air powered cars seems like not so practical, but hydrogen is very doable if the $$ is invested. a smart oil company would partner up with a car company, reap huge government incentive's $$ and be the first into a non-oil based future long term $$ supply as the other car & oil company's play catch up. win-win situation.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
    summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.

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    I read that the air-powered car is intended for high-pollution areas in India, and uses 4500 psi.

    Hydrogen is only feasible where electricity is almost free, like Iceland, not the USA.
    The most efficient way to use electricity would be an extension cord powering an electric motor.
    Using electricity to charge batteries is the next most efficient way.
    Using electricity to make hydrogen is very inefficient. Not only do you have to make the hydrogen, you have to compress it, and transport it. I have yet to see a hydrogen pipeline, but there are electric wires right in my house.
    As far as polluting the air goes, the source of the pollution is centralized. Nuclear power? I think I read it accounts for something like 20%. We have a lot of nuke plants in northern Illinois, but most of our electricity is generated by coal. Hydro power is great, but the people that have it, while thinking that everybody must be powered by a waterfall, are very much in the minority.
    In the US, hydrogen is not the future, it is only a buzz word for the uninformed, but probably well-intended.

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