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I have my tounge pierced and my ears stretched but Im slowly unstreching them I can actually keep my tounge ring? I was planning on keeping that but with clear ring. I dont really want to lose all of my piercings but do I really have a choice? My septum is hidden and my lip has been there for over a year now. Will I need to remove all my ear piercings?
septum and lip will be constantly infected, aswell as a lot of forman's are not going to think to highly of you with piercings all over

the ears, well at least around here, dont seem to matter, so long as you dont have any kind of hoops or big time streching. most guys take a while to ask me about the holes in my ears (i had my ears a 1 1/8th, so the hole that remains is still approx 1/4"), and the tongue ring, keep it in your mouth and you wont have a problem, but any other types of piercings will be constantly infected, aswell as give you problems getting work