I was in both of my LWS , took my list and asked for the Miller gloves ,Miller jacket , front and inner shields for my OPTREL SATELITE helmet , some 4 1/2" cut off disc , 4 new tips for my Victor O/A outfit and some tips for my 635 plasma ...............

The answes i got from the owner was , "Didnt know Miller had welding clothes ?" so i took the Miller book on the desk and opened to the Arc Armor and said i got the same book from your store 6 months ago , the other replys to my needs was .....no , sorry , dont have , dont stock , no and no again.

I asked if he was selling His Ford truck out side , he said "No, Why" I told him because thats the only thing he had "on hand" that i would by. ( and he will need to be selling here with in the year if he keeps selling and stocking the way he has been )

He did have boxes of ear plugs on sale he tried to pawn off on me. I said I'll order them from the internet too when i order my other stuff.

So much for supporting your LWS . what a bunch of loosers. They do it to themselves.