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    Default Air hose H E L *

    Hey All,
    I HATE airhose. Its got to be the most uncooperative material anywhere with garden hose a close second...

    Is there any hose out there that: doesnt kink, coil up(in the wrong direction of course), or that will lay out nicely and can be coiled up easily.

    I just bought a 75 ft. hose and its got to be the most dificult piece of equiment in the shop. Ive given up trying to unfurl it nicely and have just left it to lay in a heap on the floor... I dont have spools to mount it on (yet) so this is another issue. Any of you guys (and gals) built spools to store your air hose? got any pics of the same? Thanks . any * E L P is appreciated.
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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    I love that 1/4" polyethylene "contractors" hose. Flexible even in cold weather. Plenty of air flow for all but the biggest air tools. I use it nearly all the time.

    When I need it, I have a couple hundred feet of the unmanagable stuff you refer to, but I tend to leave it hanging on its hook unless I need air a long way from the compressor.

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    HD had a decent retractable reel for $50 close out, I am sure they are replacing it with something inferior. It was a 50' reel. I have gown weary of my manual reel, though it will hold 125'. I would like to put two retractable reels on the ceiling in the shop.

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    There is a world of difference between air hose and air hose on a reel. Night and day.

    The only hose that's not bad to work with is that flexible stuff mentioned above. Ridgid sells a 50'er at home depot.

    EDIT: Even manual reels are better than no reels. Although I have never used one longer than 50'.
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    Hose reel. I have 2 of them in my small shop. One overhead next to the lift and one big one next to the door so I can use it in the shop or in the paved area in front of the shop.
    If you don't have one yet do not coil the hose in circles. Each coil adds a twist that has to be taken back out or it will try and kink the hose. Rather than coiling in circles lay it on a figure 8. Each loop of a figure eight counteracts the twist of the last one. Always coil the hose by pulling it back to the storage point and not winding it up as you walk back and then drop it. Stand next to the storage point as you pulll and coil it and keep the end from getting under any coils when you are done. This radial twists out and keeps the end from getting under a loop making a knot the next time you pull it out. you can lay a figure 8 and then pick it up and hang it on a hanger and it will still unfurl neatly. for many years I kept an hose on a 2X4 nailed to a stud.
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    never really had a problem, i use only rubber air hose, the PVC stuff sucks. I have a harbor freight hand crank real that costs 20 bucks, it doesn't leak and has 50' on it. I also nevr go longer than 50 on any single hose, they are easier to manage that way. I agree with pulling the hose toward you while rolling it up instead of walking along it. If you pull it it gets a chance to untwist.
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    The 1/4" poly hose is great. A lot of the guys refer to it as snakeskin because of the cross hatch fiber strands that you can see in the translucent material.

    I agree 100% about the figure 8 wrap. Its how we coil all our underwater umbilical lines so that they feed freely and don't twist or kink. Kinks are bad for the diver. they are a bit unwieldy to move around though. Seems to work best on a fixed position like a hanger.

    I have also used a basic 5 gal bucket. Drill a hole big enough to push the end thru neer the bottom leave about 3' sticking out or enough to hook up to the wall connection. Then coil the hose in the bucket. You can then just pull out what you need. It does tend to twist a bit though. If you put a weight in the bottom you can pull out more from across the shop with out tipping the bucket over. The added weight is a pain if you need to carry it arround though. I use this with extension cords also.

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    I have two of the $10 HF manual reels. They state 100', but I have 125' on each one. Other than that, I've used those nice poly ones before and would definitely be the way to go next time.

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    Speaking of Harbour Freight, they sell Genuine 50 Ft. Goodyear Rubber Air Hose. Every now and then they go on special. Best air hose I have ever used. Also, its the only good rubber product Goodyear makes, I don't like nor will own anymore of their tires. Never wore one out, they blew out first.

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    Be more at one with nature, and the hose.

    Rather than fight it, or look for hose reels,
    You might just need to find a monk you can learn from.

    I'm not real sure where to get it,
    but you might need to find some of that 'Zen' stuff
    we heard about as kids.........

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    I doubt we'll see either of their likes again".

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