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    I thought I would post some pics of a trailer I built for my trailblazer and outfit. Alot of the ideas came from critiques of other projects so I feel like I'm obligated to share what I came up with.

    A little history: This trailer was originally a utility trailer for a 500 gallon diesel tank. Actually it was the first trailer I ever built. The diesel trailer never came to fruition and a couple of years later (last summer) I cut it up and turned it into a welding trailer. The only parts left from the original trailer are the deck, bed frame, and bed rails. Basically, I built this thing twice! It now has a new toungue, axles, fenders and other various additions.

    Fire extinguisher (one water and one abc) mounts are on the front right. The fenders are 12 ga. and tough as nails. That thing on the back right is a removable pedestal for a vice. O2 mount is on the left fender and acetylene is on the front left corner. Hose wraps are on the front left corner. I made the lead wraps bolt-on so I could move them around if need be. The 3x3 angle on the back is mostly for pipe. I've used it for saddling pipe as big as 10". I've used the stuffing out of that toungue rack and the light guards have come in handy more than once, too. I built everything except the axle kits, coupler, and jack.

    I built the he!! out of this thing because I knew I was going to be abusing the he!! out of it. I still have some additions to make but this will give you a general idea. It is currently in regular use and so far I'm pleased. I can't think of anything I would change considering the ragged little trailer that I started with. I'll get some more pics up after a while and I'll continue to post any pics of future additions.
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