hey usmcruz,hows it going my friend,if i can offer you some advice try to stay away from y connections into the same hose that feeds your torch, it will not regulate evenly or precisely and you may open a different can of worms altogeather.if you can set up a seperate bottle for purging with its own lines and regulator. as for youe patch, for a proper repair, and it may not be as critical(not sure if the kegs hold much pressure ,but it would be best to cut out any cracking etc ,almost make it a boxed shape cutout and then fit the same gauge of metal into the opening secure it flush on one end, then tack it and move along keeping the material flush all alonguntil you have tacked it securely all round. hen go around and add tacks everywhere as stainless has a bad tendency to shrink and then go for doing your root pass, cool between and fill and cap passes afterward but try to let the keg cool between passes. ever need any help just drop me a line bro, hope that helps and i have all kinds of stainless pics of my work so youll feel confident in knowing my advice is good.,otherwise they wouldnt let me weld in the nuclear station i guess lol