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    Quote Originally Posted by dabar39 View Post
    , I did give him a 50 dollar credit towards the new trailer,
    When talking to him and 'doing the deal',
    Something I'd have found too hard to resist---
    would be to say something like,
    "Yeah, I'll take it as a trade in. Heck, them tires are still pretty fresh, I think I can sell them"...

    You know he'll leave with a big smile,
    and hope he didn't 'help' you so much he ended up cheating himself....

    Then put them on his new trailer.

    Can ya imagine the expression when he picks it up?

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    "Gone are the days of wooden ships, and Iron men.
    I doubt we'll see either of their likes again".

    Circa 1920.
    Unknown US Coast Guard unit Commander.

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