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    I realize that they are both the same machine, but I like the fact that I can take the Miller back to AIRGAS and have it worked on should something go wrong with it. I looked at the Hobart but didn't like the fact that if something went wrong with it and I took it back to Atwoods they would just laugh at me and tell me it's my problem to deal with, not theirs.
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    Wish I Still Had Mine

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    I posted a question on the Miller tech section. To my happy surprise I received a call back and had a very informative conversation with a Miller Rep regarding the power draw and other information on different welders. Says alot about Miller service to have a tech call me back instead of just leaving an email........Gear

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    A friend of mine has one. Nice machine. But a heavy beast for sure! Probably will last a lifetime.

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    Default Dialarc 250 Info

    I'm no expert at this but for what its worth:

    I have a newer Dialarc 250 w/o power factor correction. I love this machine! It welds like a dream when using it in the mid-range of its power capabilities. The manual says it needs a 125A breaker on 230V. Several times I've run mine at full duty cycle on a 230V/50A breaker at up to 240 DC weld amps using up to 3/16 rods and have had no issues with the input circuit. The wires in the sub-panel get slightly warm, but nothing else. I suppose if you ran it wide-open it might be too much for a 50A circuit. Just make sure your entire 50A circuit is wired with #8 AWG or larger.

    BTW: If you do pick one up, think twice about the power factor correction option. It draws a lower current when welding with power factor correction, but it also draws a hefty 23A at idle! (without the PFC it draws only 2.5A at idle). That could make for expensive power bills if you have a lot of idle time. You can tell if the machine has the power factor correction by the model number. Miller can help you out with that.

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    Thumbs up The Dialarc 250... what else to say its a MILLER

    I was raised up in the welding world on that machine.
    A PLUS in my book. If you have used one or own one you know what I mean. It's old school and YES I perfer the older machines to the newer ones.
    But to each it's own.


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