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I lurked long enough, lot of good info on this board. Not a welder by trade, I moved large safes for 7 years all over the country and now pilot a desk. I started welding pieces for the powerlifting gym I train at and it has grown quite a bit. here is some of the things I have built. First is a belt squat machine for when your back is messed up and it allows you to continue to squat with compressing your spine. 11ga tubing. 1600# roller bearing pulleys. 10,540# breaking strength cable, 3/4" shoulder bolts as axles. All in all, extremely overbuilt. and extremely fun
Nice work on the build. I suppose that type of apparatus comes in handy for a guy whose back used to throw safes around. BTW... just a tip... I suggest you not wear those shoes, if you commit any crimes.