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    Default cor-ten fountain

    Time to kill so I thought I'd share some pics of a fountain/basin we did a while back. The basin was 1/4" material, while the cascade, or chase, was 3/16".
    For some reason I thought it a good idear to stick weld this thing together using the appropriate weathering electrode. I'm no stick weldor, but I'm willing to learn. I welded the entire inside seams of the basin, which was about 18' long and 16" wide. I used a Maxstar 200DX for this project. Sweet machine.

    1. material shows up.
    2.-5. We worked from a scribe off the wall at the site. It had an irregular curvature to it... of course. Plasma cut the bottom from a template and started tacking the sides up. We also cobbled together a long platform on which to build this thing.
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