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    hey everyone. I dont post here much but seeing a couple of people show pictures of what they do kinda got me inspired. So im gonna show some pictures of a bridge repair i did about a month ago. Quite a job i was 2 hours out of town workin on this bridge 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week for 3 1/2 weeks... not that much work i guess compared to some other poeple but still a fair bit.
    The first and second pictures are pictures as to why i was there. The expansion **** busted and started to let water through and running on the concrete erodded and rotted it so the bearing plate wasnt sitting on anything.( these pictures where taken after we jackhammered the bad concrete out and jacked the bridge to sit on temporary supports)
    The third and fourth pictures are of the shape the bearing plates where in when we got there.. out of 24 we replaced 18. THe originals where two steel plates with a copper spacer in between for them to slide on when the bridge expands/contracts or shift.
    Picture 5 is of the jacking beams we had to lift in place. Each one weighs about 400 pounds. We had to core about 96 holes through the piers to put these in place and then put 1 1/4" threaded rod through and torque to 750 ftlbs.
    Once the beams were up and in place we put in little stub columns to support the bridge after it was jacked up as shown in picture two. To lift the bridge we used 6- 100 ton jacks to lift it 5mm. Once the columns were in place we set the bridge down and started gouging the old plates off, cleaning up and setting in the new bearing plates.
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