Greetings, I was given a 22 ft piece of 8 in x 1/4 I-beam and have been planning for a while on building a rolling A-frame with it. My shop door opening is 13'6" and I wanted to make the a-frame as wide as possible, although, if I cut the beam ih half, I could make 2 a-frames and maybe sell one, but I don't know about that. I'd still like a wide a-frame. The beam will be for the cross bar only and the uprights will be out of something else. I want to put turnable wheels on it, that is so I can change the direction of the wheels for mobility and big enough wheels so I can roll it out into the yard and maybe up into a trailer. I bet some of you have really neat a-frames or ideas for one. I also plan on bolting the uprights to the cross bar in case I have to dismantle it or modify it. The top hgt will be about 10 ft. Thanks,