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Sooo....are we saying that if you had a spoolgun that would run .047 the problem would be solved?

Hmm,.... good question. That might work, but I just dont know where I'd find .047 wire. I probably have a hundred lbs or so of .045, but the .047 might be a bit elusive for me.

Well slap my @$$ and call me Sally,..... I musta had that all that all mussed up,.... This stuff I have IS .047!,..... And here i thought it was .045 like steel wire. I guess after burning thousands of lbs of it over the years,.. I never noticed! My Bad! thanks for the correction KB!

My point IS, that the WFS cannot take advantage of the full output of the machine. Dont think .047 will work very well in it. NOW,... if you can direct me on hooking up one of my 30A's to it.... then we'll be cookin with Crisco!