Built us a new metal rack. Got to the point around here that metal was everywhere in little stacks, up against the wall, stuck here, tripping over it over there.

So we knocked out a new one. 4' wide, 7' tall, 3 sections. first section is 4 foot wide, second section is 3 foot wide, for a total rack length of 7 feet. That way an 8 foot stick is well supported in 3 spots, and a 12' stick (what we normally cut stuff to for storage) is only hanging out 30" on either end, and has good support.

Main uprights are 1/4" wall, the crossbars are 1/8" wall.

What a bugger of a job. Took 2 of us all weekend to get it knocked out. First 30-40 welds were perfect, and as the weekend wore on you got to the point where you cared less and less about how it looked, but just that it would be structurally sound. Toward the end it was "C'mon man, it's your turn to weld...", "No way man, I've been welding since lunch, it's your turn..."... ...lol...