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    Quote Originally Posted by welderman23 View Post
    looking good chad.its a good thing you got a long shop.
    how much does that thing weigh ????
    LOL... yes, it's nice to have a large garage (even though it is my dad's). Though space is still at a premium so anything I build has to collapse for easy storage and space saving when not in use. As to how much it weighs? I have no clue since I am not man enough to lift it! Haha

    Thanks to everyone for your praises - I hope to have it all cleaned up and the sharp corners smoothed soon so I can prime and paint it BLUE!

    - Chad
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    Great project !
    comes in handy for long tube projects.


    Love the power of Blue
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    Nice work, i just finished i chop saw stand for my hobby shop. it does not telescope. I have the room for a perement one. I also weld four to five days a week. After my real gob and on the weekends.

    I have a question on the compact bender that you mentioned. I am looking for the specifications on what type of material in can handle. I have heard of these just do not know where to look for one at. Also is it a tool that if you broke it today would you order anoter tomorrow? Thanks for the answers in advance.

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    Default Nice!

    Really nice project and great pics...

    I really need to make a stand for my saw too... I never pulled the trigger cause I was not sure I wanted to make one specifically for my abrasive saw since I'd like a cold saw...

    Maybe flat top is a good idea, i can swap out my chop saw for lumber too!

    Keep up the great work.


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    Wow, very well thought out, and nicely executed.

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    Very nice work. Thanks for the construction photos! At first I couldn't understand how the roller stands would work, but it made sense onece I saw the build photos.

    What size sq tubes did you use for the side extensions? I love that they all nest together! I need to build a chop saw table for my miter saw for work and that looks like a better idea for long lengths of molding than any I have seen so far. Any idea what you've got in it in materials?

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    Very nice.

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    Looks good. Should be real handy.
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    Nice project. I haven't done anything like this because I already have a "good enough" solutiion - I adapted my dry saw to a miter saw stand and made it pivot on a piece of plywood.

    My next saw is going to be a KAMA mitering horiz. bandsaw and it has a cabinet so I'll need a roller-bench solution instead.
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    Chad, great job, and GREAT pics!!! But: (lol), can you describe how you made the table turn? I see a bolt in the middle of it, washer in-between to swivel??? and how do you lock it down when you have the angle you want?
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    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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